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Chinese Mandarin now is now as a famous doctrine in academics, also viewed as an important language education all over the world. To participate in the teaching/ learning trends and achieve the goals of teaching Chinese as a second language, this department was established to educate and cultivate excellent teachers and for the TCSL field. The department sets up three major subdivisions of courses: Language and Culture, Teaching and L2 acquisition, and Chinese e-Learning. With these three areas of curriculum designs and the fulfillment of 4-year instruction implementation, the department will contribute to the TCSL industry in three aspects as follows. First, potential prospection of TCSL education market is based on the expertise in the ontological knowledge of the Chinese language, literature, and philosophical thinking. Hence, after studying our courses, students are able to meet the global Chinese teaching demand. Second, with the leaping development of computer science and technology, e-culture formation is going to be the mainstream in knowledge exchange and in education. Third, the department courses focus on the knowledge and abilities of Chinese teaching and e-instruction will help students strengthen and their computational literacy.