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Consulting Center

To help students understand themselves better and to live life in a positive way, the Consulting Center provides following services:

Know Your Mind : The Office provides objective evaluations to promote self-understanding.
Keep Talking : The Center has qualified professionals who can help students to ease the pressures of life, to unleash their potential and to build a healthy social life.
Keep Your Mind Updated : The Center holds self-awareness activities occasionally throughout the year.
Training for volunteers : The Center provides self-awareness and growth workshops to promote mutual peer assistance among students.
Library: The Center provides readings and videos concerning mental health and self-awareness for loan to students and faculty.
Personalized Service : The Center can provide consultation and other services that meet the personal needs of faculty members or students.
Relating Homeroom Teachers and Students : Through multiple homeroom teacher training mechanisms, the Center helps the homeroom teachers to act as a bridge between the center and the students.
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