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Hygiene and Health Office

The Hygiene and Health Office oversees the handling of accidents that happen to the faculty and students and consultations concerning hygiene and health. Its function also includes providing medical assistance for large-scale on and off-campus activities, organizing our school's blood-donation campaign and other activities related to health awareness. The office also undertakes the following tasks:

Freshmen Health-checkup : The Office is responsible for arranging health checkups and hepatitis B vaccinations for the freshmen. Abnormal cases from such checkups will be followed up.
Student Insurance : Insurance that covers medical expenses, disability and death is available through the office.
Raising Awareness against Accidents : The office organizes training for emergency response personnel and students every other week.
Associated Hospitals : There are three regional hospitals, Chinese-medicine hospitals, dental clinics and obstetric-gynecological clinics that provide rebates for registration fees and admission fees for NUU faculty and students.
Canteen Management : The office will conduct daily sampling and testing on canteen catering, the results of which will be made public on the school website. Survey of students' satisfaction on the quality of catering will also be conducted every semester. The office also answers complaints and opinions concerning the canteen.
Epidemic Prevention and Control : The school is responsible for organizing SARS Response Meetings and, every semester, holding seminars concerning preventive measures against SARS and other epidemic diseases.
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