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Education Characteristic

Outstanding teaching, excellent research, comprehensive equipment, and a comfortable environment.

1. This department was established to actively cultivate talent in Chinese language industries in response to the needs of Taiwan’s promotion of Chinese language education and culture.

2. Course design cultivates practical and diversified professional abilities in students through the emphasis on cultivating theories and abilities in Chinese language teaching; the deepening of literacy in Chinese literature, history, and

    philosophy; the training of teaching second-language acquisition; and the reinforcement of digital application skills. Students also learn to demonstrate adaptiveness and mobility to connect with the international arena.

3. This department has received Ministry of Education subsidies and industry–academic partnerships for 5 consecutive years, and has also sent students abroad for teaching internships in countries such as the United States, Japan,

    France, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Students can engage in Chinese language teaching both in and outside of Taiwan or engage in industries related to the Chinese language.

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